Participants statements:

Statement of Petra Fischer, Managing Director of Roca Portugal and participant in the International Mentoring Conference in Luxembourg on September 28th, 2009:
“It is vey important for women to market themselves and to learn from each other how to succeed to get to top positions. It was inspiring to see during this conference how other women managed through the help of the mentoring programme to gain self confidence and to exchange experience. There is a need for female leadership and it is a pity that for many reasons women refrain from top positions. This cross mentoring programme helps and supports women during their carreer. There is certainly a need for this programme in Portugal in order to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions and for businesses to take advantage of a vast potential of know-how and experience.”

Statement of Joana Monteiro, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in the Cross Mentoring Conference Gulbenkian
“Attending to the International Cross Mentoring Conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss solutions in several HR management issues in an international perspective. It enabled us to establish important contacts, with both companies and individuals, and allowed us to improve our professional network. Last but not least, meeting participants in last year’s program and sharing their experiences will, no doubt, contribute to the success of the strategies that we will implement, should the Foundation, decide to join the program.”

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